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Zain Ahsan
4 min readJul 30, 2020


It has always been fond of mine to read novels that are famous and got international attention due to their content and thought. To pursue it, I read Peer E Kamil by Umairah Ahmad a long time ago, I guess in 2014. After that, I read Alif by Umairah Ahmad. Both were great novels giving the lessons of Iman and the bond with Allah. The 3rd in my long-awaited list was Raja Gidh by Bano Qudsia.

This novel drew my attention when I started MSc Sociology in 2017. Our Department Coordinator recommended us to read that novel. So I decided that I’ll complete that task before my MSc. But due to my job, family responsibilities, and education timings, I couldn’t spare my time. And I always felt guilty about that. Because it was a great opportunity.

From the past one month, I’ve been engaged in a fellowship from an institution named Amal Academy. During my 1st month of fellowship, I found myself totally changed from the previous version of mine. The DIY activities, the online courses, the online sessions, and project works helped me a lot to develop my personality and to meet new challenges as well.

So in my second project work, Amal gave me a chance to complete any long-awaited goal. So in a matter of time, and with the help of some value-able suggestions, I decided that I’m gonna read that novel now. Because it's a challenging environment for me now. So I planned for that and managed to run a simple SMART goals analysis to check my goal’s value.

S.M.A.R.T Goal Analysis:

First I ran a little SMART goals analysis to evaluate my goal. So before setting it, I made sure that the goal I’m going to achieve is Specific in understanding, its progress can be measured, I set an action plan to achieve that goal by setting up three tasks for that, realistic in nature and I bind myself a time limit to achieve it. Because without a time limit, I’ll lose interest in it. So as my SMART analysis went perfectly, I pursued with my Task# 1.

  1. Purchasing of Novel:

In the first task, I decided that I will buy the newest edition from a book market named Aminpur Bazar in our city Faisalabad. Because I enjoy reading books instead of reading on the internet. So I went to the Bazar, bought the newest edition from a bookstall. And successfully completed my first task.

2. Spare Time for Book:

That’s my second task now. I’ve to spare time for reading the book daily to achieve my goal within my estimated time of 2 months minimum. For this purpose, I put an alarm of 09:30 pm on my cell phone to read the book and I decided that I’ll spare half an hour daily for this purpose. I hope it will help me to pursue my goal. It will also challenge my time management techniques as well as if I’ll be able to be stick upon this tame table or not. Best of luck to me.

3. Time-Bound Goal:

As in my SMART analysis, to make the achievement of goal perfect, you’ve to bind the time limit for it. So, I decided that I’ll complete this novel within 2 months. It will only be possible with the help of patience and consistency. It will also help me out to enhance my time-management and deadline meeting skills as well. So, I hope, it will be a fun activity though. I’m eager to see the results. Peace!



Zain Ahsan

Targeted to be an Educationist. MPhil Scholar at Riphah International University Faisalabad.