My Experience at Amal!

Zain Ahsan
3 min readOct 16, 2020


The Journey:

The person other than me in this picture is Muhammad Umer Arshad, an Amal graduate of Batch-129 Faisalabad. That was the day when we discussed his experience at Amal. That’s the picture who always reminds me about my first 2 to 3 weeks at Amal. Because at the very beginning, I felt that I couldn’t be able to complete this fellowship at all. But Umer was there to motivate me, and help me in writing blogs. He always mentioned in his discussion “Bro, just chill. No tension.” And these words always gave me strength.

My Feelings in the Start:

I still remember the day, when I had to write my first blog on the topic “The Five Acts of Kindness”, I was totally empty-minded. I shared my problem with Umer. He came over, we had dinner, and he helped me with every obstacle I was facing that time. To be honest, In the beginning, I felt so hopeless that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the end. But Umer always motivated me and encouraged me to look forward. And here I am now. Just 3 days away from graduating.

My First Learnings:

During the first two weeks, I learned many extraordinary things. The important one was to build connections. It helped me a lot. Even though, I was the only one in my batch with a background in social sciences and a different career path but, each and every single fellow was very much cooperative. I didn’t feel alien during my whole 3 months of the journey. Everyone has been very cooperative and problem solvers including our facilitators which I really admire. Further, I learned about blog writing for which I’m really thankful to Amal who contributed this much in teaching me a new skill.

Discovering Myself:

During this journey with Amal, there are so many things that I’ve been able to discover about myself too. I came to know that I can quit procrastinating by using some Pomodoro techniques. I realized that I can prioritize my tasks and manage them easily. I discovered that there’s another person in me who can feel the pain of the others and can help each and every person. I discovered myself as a helping person.

Thanks, Umer:

In the end, I would like to thank Umer, who showed me the light so I could join Amal, motivated me throughout my whole journey, and for being so supportive. It really means a lot. Love you buddy!



Zain Ahsan

Targeted to be an Educationist. MPhil Scholar at Riphah International University Faisalabad.