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Zain Ahsan
6 min readSep 4, 2020


As we all know very well about Edhi Foundation and his founder Mr. Abdul-Sattar Edhi. His devotion towards the people of Pakistan is such a mesmerizing act of kindness till now. What I came to know about him during my childhood, Mr. Abdulsattar Edhi had a very humble and kind personality. He empathized with everyone, irrespective of their cast, their creed, and even their religion. He opened his doors for every needy and hungry person. He managed to build old houses, orphanages, and ambulance services all over the country alone. But still lived a simple and humble life till death.

An initiative by Amal Academy:

So, Amal Academy gave us a chance to challenge ourselves, to help Edhi foundation in fundraising. because after the demise of our beloved Mr. Abdulsattar Edhi, It has been very difficult for Mr. Faisal Edhi (Son of Abdulsattar Edhi) to get funds from the people. So we as a batch, on a behalf of the Amal Academy, tried our hardest to collect the donations from people in relations and not in the relations too. We tried our best by leaving our comfort zones, by contacting each & every person we can. And devoted our two weeks for this noble cause.

Challange for our Batch:

So, it was a big challenge for our batch. As it was the ending of August and the start of September. This is the time when people often don’t have much in their pockets. So that was the main hurdle for us. Secondly, it wasn’t easy for us to build trust among people in such a short time span but still, we tried our best to do that. What I felt during this activity that the socialization of the girls of our batch is way better than the males. It’s quite funny but true though. In my batch, the females managed to collect more than my expectations. And I’m very glad to mention here that our beloved fellow Maria Arshad managed to collect more than 60% of our total donation. So a big round of applause for Maria! And the other superstar of our batch was Mr. Amir who went off the road to raise his voice about Edhi Foundation and gave his best doing the activity. I’m very eager to share the experience of both fellows here

Maria’s Experience in Fundraising:

“By doing this activity voluntarily, I learned many things. Firstly, we must never give up though we face rejections. I believe that success lies in your efforts.

I had a good experience when I received funds from the people no matter how small or big capital it was. Because of those who contributed showed their trust in me. I love to do this type of social work in the future also. I learned that we should donate for humanity because Allah gives us the opportunity to serve Him by serving humanity. By serving others you get an inner pleasure from your side and maybe we the source of happiness for someone.

Now come to questions. I contacted approximately 80 people for fundraising, mostly were family and friends. Most of the people responded that they will donate but they didn’t. They made lame excuses. Some people didn’t trust so they didn’t donate as well. But some responded in a good way and donated on the behalf of my text messages. They were mostly from my family relatives and friend circle. Although, it was a very good experience.”

Amir’s Experience in Fundraising:

“After this activity, I would love to share this amazing & great experience that I had. Be honest I have no experience before like this. You know when this task assigned to us I felt it would be very easy to do. But not at all even it was the toughest work to collect the donation from strangers. latterly hats off to Sir Abdul Satar Edhi Sb who did this great job for their organization throughout his life. For fundraising, you know we have to visit in person especially by people like us but due to COVID, I can’t visit my University, friend zone, and not even my family circle so we decided to target them through digital means. So I made the brochure for campaigns and we start asking for donations. But literally I surprised to see the response. I put my campaign on WhatsApp status and around 300 people have seen the status but only 10 to 20 people text me back and some of them appreciate me and a few of them make a joke on me but we continue doing our efforts. Happily, 4 people sent me their contribution. Here it was the starting point and I received a great response from my beautiful circle. But still, there is a large number who totally ignores, they don’t bother at all and I have courtesy for them that they should be aware, they should have some pain for their society for those who looking for such hands. But Alhamdulillah I am happy for the overall response to this day. Although I have lots of experiences to share from this short journey of Fundraising activity but one of the prominent incidents, I had ever experienced that is; I visited one small tuition Centre, the place from where I started my career as a teacher. I found there some 50 to 60 students from grade 8th to 12th. I did the same as Amal do with us. I showed them a documentary of Edhi Sb and give them a short motivational speech they were a little bit inspired and also contribute with me at their level best of best and there something happened which I cannot forget. one little girl checks her bag to find some money but all vein then she started whispering with her friend “Mery pas abhi pesy ni hain lekin m kisi Garib ko Pani Pila do gi “ at that time I was getting a little emotional and was very thankful to GOD that now my activity has achieved its goal of sensing the humanity.”

Overall Experience from this Activity:

As a leader, I experienced a lot even individually and collectively. It was a great experience though. The conversation with the people of different mentalities, facing rejections, even harsh questions, and mocking, was a little disrespectful too but I neglected because my purpose was noble.

To contact the persons via the social media platform, we created some posters to get their attention which worked little but positive.

It gave me the real strength that I’m doing struggle for the person who sacrificed everything for the people of Pakistan and built the largest ever ambulance network all over the world!

In the end, I would like to thank my batch members, Amir, Maham, Maria, Waleed, Hudda, and Fatima for making efforts and for their prestigious contributions in this noble cause!



Zain Ahsan

Targeted to be an Educationist. MPhil Scholar at Riphah International University Faisalabad.