Thanks, Ehtisham!

Zain Ahsan
3 min readJul 30, 2020

Some people in your life are of more importance than your blood relations. They happen to be the savior of yours in some situations of Life. My life savior and more like a brother from another mother is, Ehtisham Javed. My other half, my everything. Who contributed his presence in every part of life. We met way back in November-2012. In the 1st semester of my BBA class. He was very humble at that time and I was facing so many difficulties in my life due to my family situations n all. He was the one who always stood with me, morally and spiritually. He was there when I was living at hostels instead of my home just to overcome my depression.

He was there when I was getting married by leaving him at university because we were used to singing together. I know, he felt disturbed at that time, but he didn’t say that. Because he was happy in my happiness. He often visited me even after that, just to play the music and to listen to my voice.

He always stood with me financially and morally during my hard times of job and struggle. He even helped me to do my graduation by staying at my home teaching me overnights. He always motivated me to live my dream to be an educationist.

So today, I wrote an email to him. And said thanks for everything he did to be the memorable person in my life. Which I couldn’t say for him for 9 years.

I believe, that he deserves more than just a Thanks note. Because he was with me even when my parents weren’t. I can’t pay him back at any cost. And I always wish him the best of luck for his great future ahead. Stay blessed my brother. Love you Forever.

The reaction by Ehtisham:

I got this reply from Ehtisham. Well, to be honest, it felt great today.



Zain Ahsan

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